16 January 2013

Yacht Rock


Ca. 1557; variant of yaught, earlier yeaghe (light, fast-sailing ship), from obsolete Dutch jaght(e) (hunt) (modern jacht), short for jaghtschip, jageschip (light sailing vessel, fast pirate ship), literally, "pursuit ship", compound of jagen (to hunt, chase) and schip (ship) (see ship), from Proto-Germanic *jagōnan (cf. West Frisian jeie, German jagen, Swedish jaga), from Proto-Indo-European *yegʰo- (compare Irish éad (jealousy), Russian ярый (âryj, furious), Albanian gjah (hunt), Ancient Greek ζητέω (zētéō, to search, seek), Sanskrit यवन (yāvana, barbarian; agressor), यत्न (yātna, zeal)).

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Brody said...

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