17 January 2012

onstage with a full-size guillotine

'[In 1990] I was in and out of meetings with Russell and Lyor Cohen at Def Jam. Lyor would walk in, take off his jacket, remove his guns, and start popping pills with mineral water every other sentence. I was thinking "This guy's obviously off his head." He'd go: "Bullet, every time we drop '20 Seconds to Comply' it makes the hair on the back of our heads stand on end. We want you to be the rap version of Ozzy Osbourne. I see you coming onstage with a full-size guillotine, and a crow on your arm. We want you to cut sheep's heads off and chuck them into the front row...'

Silver Bullet, 2011

20 Seconds to Comply

Bring Forth The Guillotine

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