06 October 2010

hauntological harbinger

Michael Mayer talks about five records of personal significance here, one being Tipsy, and their 1997 record Triptease. A quick Youtube search brought up this:

Now, maybe I was slightly predisposed to think this by Position Normal featuring earlier on the list (1999's Goodly Time), but that sounds surprisingly Ghost-Boxy and hauntological to me. The rest of the album, from what I can make out, is closer to the spaceport departure lounge vibe that some Stereolab evokes: that impression of cosmonauts drinking cocktails by curved swimming pools with bossa nova on in the background. But even then it suggests a loop back through Broadcast, and Rojj's percussive touches... And it came out on Asphodel, same label as turntablists the X-ecutioners: the geist of found vinyl scraps.

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