04 June 2009

Hip House postscript

Further proof of my last post's lateness. Sasha Frere Jones discusses hip-house and its resurgence in passing here, linking to this great piece in the Chicago Reader, which features this fascinating portrait of a hip-house scene confidently expecting a blow up that never comes:

Struck me also that Ghostface's Cherchez La Ghost from 2000 could be considered a kind of curdled hip-house; the disco sample, diva vocal, the walking bassline... It's a strange track, the raps being almost a secondary element in terms of track-time, the refrain lifted from Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band sung into a kind of echo-chamber over a kick drum and little else; the sound is scooped out, the effect ghostly. The video does everything it can to reverse this disembodied atmosphere, to create a kind of orgiastic embodiedness through spectacularly lecherous slo-mo... Andrea Dworkin, do not press play:

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